Christmas wishes from Dr Bruce Robinson for all fathers and their families

Dr Bruce Robinson - Christmas Message

Special Christmas message from Dr Bruce Robinson 

Bruce shares his warm wishes for all dads this Christmas who are able to be with their loved ones and childrenhe also recognises many kids will miss their dads who are unable be there for them, so take care, and know The Fathering Project is always there to support you. 

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DadsChristmas means so many things for different people.  Some of you may have special memories of your time as a child and your parentsFor me, it is a time to connect with my kids and now my grandchildren and watch them play, and be grateful that we are all able to be together after such a challenging year. 
For some dads, you may be working, FIFO dads, or dads separated from your kids. Be sure to let your children know wherever you are how much you love them, and be sure to send them a special message.  Christmas is a time to take stock of all the positive things life has brought us, most of all our children and the greatest opportunity of all to be a father.

Mondays with Fathering Project founder Dr Bruce Robinson
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