Cooking with Cameron: Chinese pepper steak

A favourite Chinese takeaway dish that is really easy to create at home. It is full of flavour and the Pepper c flavour can be adjusted to suit your taste. Using the cheap cuts of meat is fine here with this recipe -chuck steak or blade work well. Adding some BiCarb to the marinade and letting it rest tenderises the meat perfectly.  


  • 2 blade steaks 
  • 3 colours of Capsicum (1/4 each finely sliced) 
  • ¼ small onion (finely sliced) 


  • 1tbsp light soy 
  • 1tbsp chinese cooking wine 
  • 1tbsp bicarb soda 
  • 1tbsp cornflour 
  • 2tbsp dark soy  


Stir fry sauce 

  • Light soy 
  • Oyster sauce 
  • Dark soy 
  • Corn flour 
  • Sugar 
  • Cracked  pepper (to taste) 
  • Water 


  1.  Slice meat into thin slices and place into a bowl
  2. Combine Marinade ingredients together and mix with beef strips. Set aside for at least 10mins
  3. Slice up veggies 
  4. Combine Stirfry sauce
  5. Heat frypan to full heat. Add a splash of oil. Once heated add meat and cook through. Push to the side and add onion, garlic and stir thru for 60 seconds. Add Capsicum and Stirfry sauce. Cook for 90seconds and it is done.
  6. Serve up hot 



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