Cooking with Cameron: Lamingtons for the family

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A great Aussie cake. Really simple – vanilla sponge cake, chocolate coated and rolled in coconut. You can make it fancy by cutting one in half and adding jam and cream. You can buy a sponge cake from the shop or make your own cake. The video with this has chocolate cake and Banana cake. Not sponge cake, but still cake. 

The other trick is to cut and then freeze the cake so it doesn’t fall apart as you dip it in the chocolate mix and roll it in the coconut.  

Another easy thing to get the kids involved in. 


  •  Sponge cake cut in squares and frozen 
  • 480g icing sugar 
  • 22g cocoa powder 
  • 15g softened butter 
  • 150ml boiling water 
  • 3 cups of desiccated coconut  


  1. Icing – mix icing sugar, cocoa, butter and boiling water. Making sure it is syrup consistency note watery. 
  2. Place coconut in a shallow bowl with a large surface area 
  3. Using 2 forks to pick up a piece of cake and dip it in the chocolate syrup, making sure it is covered. Don’t over soak it. 
  4. Then roll it in the coconut till completely covered 
  5. Place on new tray. Repeat till all cakes are down.



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