Cooking with Cameron: Pulled pork tortilla

How to make leftovers go further? Make a soft shell Tortilla or taco! This recipe is just leftover ingredients from the fridge. I had made a slow cooked pulled pork shoulder so that became the base of the meal!!!! This meal is one that we stood around the kitchen bench and ate straight from the hot plate! 


  •  Pulled pork 
  • Pork gravy 
  • Capsicum  
  • Tomatoes 
  • Lettuce 
  • Taco sauce 
  • Grated cheese 
  • Corn tortilla 


  1. Pulled pork – slow cook pork shoulder for 6-8hrs at 100c in a covered dish. Once cooked remove pork from dish and allow juice to cool. Scrape off the fat once it has set.  
  2. Reheat the juice and add some corn flour. This will help it thicken and become a gravy. 
  3. Once pork is cooled pull apart. 
  4. Slice up chosen veges 
  5. Heat frypan to medium heat. Add a serve of the pulled pork and add gravy so that the mix is moist but not sloppy. 
  6. Warm up a corn tortilla on a hot plate. 
  7. Once warm start layering up, pork – tomato – capsicum – lettuce – cheese. Whatever you choose. 
  8. Repeat 


Cooking with Cameron 

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