Cooking with Cameron: Satay prawn skewers

True humble peanut satay. A sauce that goes with just about anything. Make it mild make it hot, make it however you might like it. A satay sauce comes together easily and can be pulled together in about 5min.  


  •  500gm green prawns peeled and skewered 
  • Garlic butter 
  • Olive oil 

 Thai peanut sauce 

  • 2tbsp red curry powder (plus or minus to your taste 
  • 180gm peanut butter 
  • 400ml coconut milk (full fat) 
  • 50g white sugar 
  • 2tsp dark soy 
  • 1tbsp cider vinegar 
  • 185ml water 


  1. Over a medium heat, combine sauce ingredients in a saucepan. Using a whisk blend together and simmer till it starts to thickens. About 5min. 
  2. Either bbq or on a pan fry off the prawn skewers 2min each side in garlic butter and olive oil.
  3. Use the sauce as a dipping sauce or pour over the prawns on a plate. 

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