Cooking with Cameron: Smoked pork ribs

Pork ribs – A pub favourite and something that you can recreate at home! Low and slow on the smoker is the key. Rushing it doesn’t work. What sort of seasoning should you use? Either buy some or make your own. If you are just learning trying bought stuff is a great way to go and then create your own blends.  


Pork Ribs – American style 

  •  Seasoning 
  • Garlic powder 
  • Onion powder 
  • Garum masala 
  • Smoke paprika 
  • Balsamic vinegar 

BBQ sauce 

  • 700ml Tomato sauce 
  • 50ml Apple cider vinegar  
  • 50ml Worcestershire sauce  
  • 2tsp smoked paprika 
  • 1tsp garlic powder 
  • 1tsp onion powder 


  1. Preheat smoker to 120c 
  2. Combine dry seasoning together 
  3. Coat ribs with balsamic vinegar and then the dry season mix. 
  4. Place on the smoking racks and close the lid. If using multiple rack levels rotate the racks so the meat cooks evenly. Cook for 2.5hrs at 120c 
  5. Remove for smoker and wrap in pink butchers paper. Return to smoker for 1.5hrs 
  6. Combine sauce mix. 
  7. Remove from smoker and gently unwrap and lightly coat in BBQ sauce, rewrap and cook for a further 45min. 
  8. Remove from smoker and if you can let them rest for 1hr do so in a foam box to keep the heat in. But if you are like me hook in!!!  
  9. Serve up with chips and Slaw! 


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