Create a positive home environment for your Year 12 teenager

This year, more than ever, year 12 students need the support of their dads, families and extended school community.

We asked our ambassador Dr Tim Hawkes to assist with some guidance to help fathers and parents support their teenagers through this very challenging period made even more stressful due to COVID-19.

This is part two of a three-part series to help your Year 12 student through their final year of exams.

Part Two: Create the Right Culture at Home

It is important to look at your home culture to ensure it is conducive to Year 12 study. Check things like:

  • Noise levels
  • Distractions caused by younger siblings
  • Lighting in their study zone
  • A study chair that supports their back
  • A special keep-cup for their coffee or tea breaks
  • Regular brain breaks, simple physical and mental exercises, a happy spot to sit in the house and get away from the study zone

Above all ensure they have a back-up system to the cloud and a second back up weekly to an external hard drive for their study notes.

Watch your tone of voice and stress levels in the house due to COVID around finances, job security, or arguments between family members. If your teen picks up on the fact that you are having financial worries, their capacity for learning will be reduced.

Build a positive environment with laughter, encouraging comments, compliments, soft music and happy banter around the kitchen table.

These are the sorts of ingredients a dad can contribute to a Year 12 student learning effectively in the home.

It is good to maintain the practice of the family eating together. Don’t allow the Year 12 student to degenerate into an ‘Uber Eats’ existence within the home. They need a break from study and connection with the real world.

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This article is the second in a three-part series of tips to assist fathers support their teenagers through the challenging exam period made even more stressful due to COVID-19.
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