Dad-life: We are a family of traditions, and I wouldn’t have it any other way


I’ve come to realise we’re a family of ‘traditions’.

We talk about our family history and traditions a lot with our girls.

I want them to know and appreciate where they come from and the value that they hold in our family.

As parents, we have our own values and we try to impart these on to our girls the best we can.

Traditions is one of those values that has well and truly stuck.

For instance – every night, my eldest daughter has taken it upon herself to do the dinner table rounds and asks everyone how their day was and then tells us about her day.

My three-year-old can’t get her day started unless she’s sitting in ‘her chair’ at breakfast and I feed her the last two teaspoons of cereal.

We eat breakfast and dinner together, and a home-made burger fuelled Friday family movie night never goes astray.

Traditions provide us with quality time.

They provide me with those moments in life where you smile and think to yourself, gee – I am so damn grateful.

For me, they also create a sense of belonging and unity. It makes us feel safe, and fosters our bond as a family, and individually.

Through our traditions we continue to grow and emphasise what it means to be a family.

Author: Adrian E.

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