Dad-life: Raising teenage girls and being a chameleon dad

Raising teenage girls is an experience like no other.

But time moves fast.

One day you’re playing pretend tea parties and teaching your little girls numbers and colours, and the next, you find yourself catapulted into the lives’ of their 14 and 16 year old selves, and you’re now discussing what Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala.

Being a dad to two teenage girls, I’ve realised the importance of adjusting my communication style as they grow, and being the best damn chameleon there is.

Whether it’s discussing the Johnny Depp and Amber heard case, or my 14-year-old asking me to take part in a TikTok dance, or I’m the new Dr Phil and giving my eldest daughter advice. I ensure my girls know I am there to listen and engage, no matter the topic of conversation or activity.

We may connect in different ways compared to when they were younger, but no matter what, I always find an opportunity to give them lots of hugs and tell them I love them every day. And sometimes they tell me they love me too!

Being a dad is the greatest journey I’ve been on. The road isn’t always smooth, but adapting like a chameleon and meeting them at their level – I’ve found is the recipe to maintain connection with my girls.

Author: Terry M.

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