Dad-proof tip: How to switch ‘off’ from work and ‘on’ for kids

A Man Taking Care of His Son while Working

Switching off from work can be a challenge. For those who work from home often, it can sometimes prove even more challenging.

Whether you work mostly from home, on-site or in the office, coming home from work can be a challenge, especially with younger children wanting your attention.  Some days it can feel like you are ending one job and starting another with no break between. You may find it hard to make the transition straight to home and leaving work behind.  Don’t feel bad if you need a bit of time to “switch off to reset before you switch back on again” after you knock off.

Reset, ready to tune in to your kids

If you sometimes find the transition hard or you have had a stressful day – Here are some tips.

How to help you to make the transition from work to home-life:

  • On your way home from your workday or shift, use the time to chill out. Use this travel time to de-stress so when you walk in the door, you’re switched on, in dad mode.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your kids for a bit of time to wash up and get into ‘home mode.’
  • Set clear boundaries around how often you bring your work into home.
  • Make time to connect when you get home from work. i.e., around the dinner table, or at bedtime.​
  • Chat about their day, their feelings and their news.
  • If you are working away or living apart, make time to reach out whenever possible. Phone or text older children from work after school with a brief message to let them know you are thinking of them.
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