Dad-proof tip: Making the time for family

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Quality family time is a ritual of getting the family together on a regular basis to spend valuable time connecting. The goals of family time are to help you communicate better, bring everyone closer together, and to have some fun. Whether it be Sunday breakfast, Friday game night, picnics or an exercise routine, the aim is for the family to spend valuable time together and enjoy each other’s company. 

Strong family connections can help to prevent many health and social problems in adolescence. Creating regular family rituals and routines can help you create close family bonds that can last into adulthood. 

How to make time for your family

  • Establish a regular family time when everyone is available to focus on the family. Whether it is one day each week spent together, a mealtime or one hour uninterrupted time for example, no phone rule. 
  • Make it fun. Family time can include fun family activities that everyone chooses together. i.e. board games, quiz night, family movie, outings etc.
  • Allow everyone in the family the opportunity to participate in decisions about what to do during family time.
  • Block out this family time. Don’t schedule other activities during that time and make it a priority.


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