Dad-proof tip: Reading and understanding your child’s emotional signals

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Learning to recognise your child’s emotional signals and signs of when your child is struggling because they are over tired, not feeling well, frustrated, scared, or overwhelmed will help you to better understanding of their needs and behaviours. Learn to understand how they are feeling and treat the root cause of your children’s stress or concerns.

Check for signs of uncertainty amongst your children. Make sure they feel safe, comfortable, and secure in the home environment, at school, and with their friends. Understanding how your children are feeling, through communicating, is key in working with your child to understand their own emotions.

Top tips for reading their signals

  • Watch for signs your child is not feeling comfortable, with a hug, a tickle or rough play.
  • Look for signs of fear or uncertainty when your child is doing something new or challenging so you know when to step in for support or when to stop the situation.
  • Teach your child it is always okay to say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ or use other ways to communicate when they have had enough, don’t want to do something or what to stop something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

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