Dad-proof tip: Support school learning at home

the fathering project school learning at home

When fathers support learning from school, at home, this demonstrates to your child that you truly value education and learning. Your job as a parent is to encourage them to discover things for themselves and challenge them to learn and improve. If you can instil in them the mindset that learning is a process that is positive and enjoyable, they will grow up to be lifelong learners who thrive on challenges. 

Evidence – Did you know? 

  • Fathering involvement in educational activities with their children is associated with improved educational outcomes for all students.
  • Children (at all ages) who have fathers that are interested and involved in their learning, have a clear academic advantage.  

Top Tips

  • Be willing to help with homework. Discuss what they have to do and how they are going to do it, rather than doing it for them.
  • Encourage and praise their efforts to work independently on their homework. This demonstrates self-management skills.
  • If your child is having trouble with homework and it is causing stress or arguments, put it aside and take a break. Try again later. If there are still problems, contact the teacher to discuss solutions. 
  • Encourage them to do their best. If the work they produce is to their ability, praise it when they do well.
  • Explore alternative ways of learning. For example, play with them and explore maths and counting, practise their spelling while driving in the car or teach them a new fact.

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