Dad-proof tips: Being a father figure

Having a strong father figure is a hugely powerful factor in a child’s life; in fact it’s one of the biggest needs that children have in today’s society.

A father figure is profoundly effective in having a positive impact on child development and their behaviours as they grow into adults. 

Remember, you don’t have to be a dad to be a father figure. Grandparents, uncles, teachers, a sport coach, these are all father figures who can be part of a child’s life to make a positive difference.

Children look up to positive male role models in their life, and as a man, you can play a unique role in another child’s life.

How to be a father figure to your children

1. Be positive and intentional with your communication.
Intentionally make your interactions with nephews, nieces or your children’s friends encouraging.

2. Seek out other father figures for your own children. It’s always good for your child to have other positive male role models in their life. Whether it’s your mate, a sports coach or teacher.

3. Be a role model.
Children look up to positive male role models, each having a different impact on girls and boys.

4. Take other children along with your own children and take part in activities together like football, camping, dinner or movies 

5. Where possible, encourage sole-parent mothers to consider appropriate father figures for their children, or, consider being one yourself. Perhaps your partner has a friend who is the sole-parent. Being a positive male role model in a child’s life makes a big difference. 

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