Dad-proof tips: Creating a shared parenting plan

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When it comes to shared parenting, consistency is key. Making a ‘parenting plan’ can be a great way to ensure everyday routines and procedures are the same between each of your homes.

Routines and rules are very important for children as it gives them security between the two parents and their households, believe it or not, children like rules – it provides them structure and shows them you care so it’s important to include this in your parenting plan.

Top tips for shared parenting: 

  • Make a shared ‘parenting plan’. Establish routines and procedures such as bedtime, computer use and discipline. Clear and consistent rules will help give your child security between the two parents and their households. It should address: A contact or visitation schedule, education, finances, children’s medical needs or concerns, holidays and special events, decision-making guidelines. 
  • Discuss logistics. Some important questions you’ll need to ask when making the plan include: Where will the children live? Where will they go to school? How will they attend extra-curricular events? 
  • Create arrangements that work best for your children. Make arrangements that suit your children’s age, lifestyles and hobbies.   
  • Keep consistent rules. Having parents that set boundaries means children are likely to feel secure and loved. 

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