Dad-proof tips: Fathers as role models and influence

father role model influence children

A father’s influence can last a lifetime. What you say and do will shape your children’s attitudes, how they behave and the decisions they make as they move through their journey to adulthood.

As fathers, it is important to realise that your children are watching and listening to everything you say and do when you are around them. A father’s influence is significant, and you must remember this on a daily basis.

Your children will look to you for advice, encouragement, but also as an example of how to tackle the many challenges of life. You teach your children not only by sitting them down and talking them through issues, but by modelling your own responses to these situations. Your goal is for your child to get to the point where they can just think to themselves ‘WWDD – what would dad do?’ and come to the solution on their own.

Top Tips for Dads

  • Show your children how you want them to behave through your behaviours.
  • Use the words you want your children to use. Please and thank you. I am sorry, can I help?
  • Lead by example – Your children learn from seeing how you handle the good and the bad in your life.
  • Be affectionate and role model what loving relationships look like and feel like.
  • Role model how you solve problems and make choices. Explain the process you went through to your children.
  • Think about adults only conversations. Try to avoid discussions that may be upsetting or inappropriate for children, where they can hear.

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