Dads cook nights: Hash brown toasty

The good old toasty/jaffle/breville, what ever you might want to call it. Camping using a jaffle iron over the coals to make a toasted sandwich, in the kitchen using the electric breville to squish a toasted sandwich together. Ingredients? Growing up it was tinned spaghetti, ham and cheese. Very basic ingredients. Now as an adult, the flavours get bigger! But using frozen hash browns is new to me! Great for those who are gluten free as well. Tastes so much better than gf bread. Have a crack! 


  • 4 hash browns per toasty 
  • Jarslburg cheese 
  • Leg ham 
  • Pork steaks – sliced  
  • Tomato – sliced  
  • Seeded mustard 
  • Garlic aioli  
  • Butter 


  1. Heat breville toaster  
  2. Add butter to breville to make sure its doesn’t stick. Lay 2 defrosted hash browns as your base. 
  3. Start laying up your chosen ingredients! Aioli, mustard, pork, tomato, cheese. You need a good amount but not huge! Having the hash browns being forced into the surface of the toaster. Making sure it crisps up! 
  4. It took about 15min to cook. 
  5. Remove from breville/jaffle and allow to cool a bit.  
  6. Enjoy 


Cameron’s Tassie kitchen 

The Fathering project 

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