Dr Bruce Robinson 2020 Highlights and the 4 P’s!

Bruce reviews highlights from Monday’s with Bruce in 2020, including a few of the important topics we explored together – Resilience, Cyber Bullying, Teamwork, Listening, and being a Positive Dad Coach. Bruce also shares his fond memories about the four P’s, a family tradition and  Sunday mornings at his family’s breakfast table.! 

Join Bruce this year in 2021 for more Bruce Monday chats, advice, insights into Fathering and some helpful tips along the way!

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Mondays with Fathering Project founder Dr Bruce Robinson
We want to foster connection, sharing, and collaborating in this time of isolation and need. The Fathering Channel is an online community hub and a source of research-based advice, support and information. Tune in every Monday for Bruce’s weekly video – packed with fathering advice and tips.

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