Dr Bruce Robinson Urges Fathers to Raise Their Boys to Respect Women

There is no denying under the current climate, lies a clear issue around respect, specifically regarding the treatment of women by some men.

The ongoing issues of domestic violence, sexual harassment and abuse, gender bias and discrimination against women, emphasise the immense work that still remains to ensure boys and men learn how best to respect women. On International Women’s Day, our key mission is to urge fathers and father-figures, to raise boys into men who have the deepest ongoing respect for all women. This will change the future for both women and men.

Top tips for teaching boys to respect women 

  • Be a role model. A father has to role model the way he treats his mother and every woman in his life with respect.
  • Be explicit about respect. Teach your boys to only ever show respect to all girls and women. It’s critical to imprint values of respect for women in your boys, start as young as possible.
  • Teach empathy. Help your sons understand what it feels like as a woman, to be disrespected. For example, “how do you think your sister feels when you steal her toy?”

Teaching your boys to respect and show empathy is critical in how they will treat women in the future. Ensuring daughters understand what respect looks like from a man will too, impact her future.

On International Women’s Day 2021, the Fathering Project celebrates women across the globe and seeks to change the future so that all men grow up to treat women respectfully.

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