Dr Bruce Robinson’s tips to assist the journey from teenage years to manhood

Teenage boys often tend to become argumentative, restless and moody and have tendency to exhibit a certain degree of arrogance. Teenage boys need guidance during this time to ensure they receive the appropriate advice and answers to life’s big questions and to learn crucial life competencies as they come closer to adult-life. 

As boys grow older and transition from being a teenager to ‘being a man’ they need to understand that ‘being a man’ does not mean they must always be tough. It is important for fathers to help their sons learn to appreciate their masculinity and help them shape it into something good.  

Dr Bruce Robinsons’s tips for helping your son transition from his teen years into adult-life

1. Be flexible. During this time, remember, it’s not all about you and your opinions. Moving from the teen years into adult life can be a difficult time. Consider their feelings as they transition into this new stage of their life.

2. Encourage your son to express his emotions. Even though sometimes it might be difficult even for yourself, it’s important to encourage it as much as possible. Expressing your emotions becomes a strength and not a weakness. 

3. Teach humility. Teach them skills that will help them to function better in different areas of their life e.g. relationships and in the workplace. Teach them to affirm, apologise and appreciate. 

4. Keep conversations open, honest and positive. Try not to avoid communication around uncomfortable topics such as sexuality. Demand maturity with good humour and stay positive.

Mondays with Fathering Project founder Dr. Bruce Robinson
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