Dr Tim Hawkes gives advice for busy dads

I am delighted you have found me at The Fathering Channel and are thinking about your role as a father, or father figure in a kid’s life. Why am I delighted? Because I think the quality of fathering can make or break a child, determine the character of a family and influence the health of a nation.

If you are a busy dad, chances are your time with your family and kids one-on-one time is limited. Don’t let your kids feel like they are orphans. Remember – whether you are a father, stepfather, grand-father or father equivalent – you hold this country’s future in your hands. And how do I know this? 

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About Dr Tim Hawkes

Tim Hawkes is an educator, social commentator and author.

Recipient of an Australian Government ‘Excellence as a Headmaster Award’ in 2007 and an OAM for services to education in 2014, Tim is a frequent contributor to educational debate with many radio appearances, including Richard Glover’s ‘Political Forum’ on the ABC and regular television appearances.

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