Find out what’s in the birthing room with Cam Merchant

Cam seeks to find out what’s in the birthing room

What is Cam’s best advice? Do a tour of the birthing room and check out where you can get a coffee, parking, and snacks. A great video for all expecting dads!

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Cams birthing room tips:

  • Take a tour ahead of time.
  • Work out how you want to set up the room.
  • Make a playlist of the music to set the mood you want in the room.
  • Talk about how you will make decisions if things get tense.
  • Take responsibility for packing both bags. Know exactly where things are in an emergency.
  • Don’t forget to take your phone chargers.
  • Pack some snacks and water so you don’t have to run out of the room.
  • Decide if you are going to have a family support person with you and discuss the role you want them to play – be clear and set parameters.
  • Make a plan to keep the birth environment calm, nurturing and positive. Think of the words and phrases you might use to be a ‘positive labour coach’.
  • Decide in advance if you are going to cut the cord.

About Cameron Merchant

Australian cricketer Cameron Merchant had a Second XI career in Australia before moving to New Zealand to play first class cricket in 2007. The left-handed batsman (and occasional right-arm off-break bowler) scored more than 1,000 runs in First and Second XI cricket, including two centuries and five half-centuries.

After appearing on Australia’s ‘Married at First Sight’ TV show in 2019, Cam went on to marry his reality TV wife Jules Robinson in real life! The pair are now expecting parents, and Cam joins us to chat about his impending transition to family life.

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