Play is a game changer for toddlers

woman in brown coat carrying child in orange and white striped polo shirt

At the Fathering Project, we believe that “play is a game changer” for children’s development. Fathers who engage in active play with their kids encourage them to explore, discover, and problem-solve. In particular, rough and tumble play, such as tickling, chasing, and fun wrestling, has been shown to boost children’s confidence and ability to cope […]

Being an ally for your child

four children standing on dirt during daytime

Supporting your child is the most important thing a father can do. It can be difficult to understand when your child wants to be, or do something different than what you are used to. Increasing your understanding and seeking support can give you the confidence to be a strong ally for your child, as well […]

How dads can help foster healthy body image in adolescents

teenager smiling and holding back of his head

Adolescence is a time when children undergo numerous physical changes, leading to feelings of vulnerability and insecurity about their bodies. Dads play an important role in supporting their children’s positive body image and self-esteem. It’s essential to be aware that seemingly light-hearted comments about body shape or size can be hurtful and create anxiety for […]

A dad’s role in building healthy self-esteem

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A key factor in the development of resilience in children and young people is a healthy self-esteem. We want our children to believe – I am capable and confident in myself and my ability to take on challenges and try new things.   Young people with positive self-esteem are more likely to feel capable and valuable, […]

Engaging boys and men as allies: The key to unlocking gender equality

Historically, we have tackled gender equality through legal reforms, passing of laws and regulations to eliminate discrimination against women and promote gender equality, including measures such as equal pay laws, anti-discrimination legislation, and family law reforms. We have also used affirmative action to increase the representation of women in traditionally male-dominated fields and promoted gender […]

Seven ways to talk about risk taking with your teen

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Seven ways to talk about risk taking with your teen. The benefits of healthy risk taking, and how to navigate unhealthy risks that may arise. Fathers play a huge role in helping their children to confront challenges and test themselves in positive ways. You can help your teen avoid unhealthy risks by encouraging and supporting […]

Empowering your child’s self-image and self-identity

woman riding on swing during sunset

Your child’s self-image or self-identity refers to their mental image of themselves, of who they are as individuals, socially and more globally. A sense of image or identity can be shaped by experiences, interactions with others, the local environment, and their own unique personality. Self-image has a lot to do with self-esteem because how your […]

Lingering anxiety since returning to school

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All children and young people will experience anxiety at some stage because it’s a natural reaction our bodies have to a challenging or stressful event, or when we are pushed outside our comfort zone. Starting school can be a time of anxiety for children and young people especially if they are starting school for the […]

Back to school: Tips to support overtired behaviour

boy sitting on bench while holding a book

It can take a few weeks to get back into the swing of the school routine. The first few month can be tiring for your child, you are likely to see some irritability, tantrums and tears. Settling into a new school year can mean different routines, different expectations, as well new people and environments. School […]

The first weeks of school: How to support your child

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Although many children settle in relatively quickly, the start of school can cause some children to regress into some separation anxiety. This can result in tears and clinging as you try to leave at school. Separation anxiety is a child’s normal fear of being away from their parents or carers. This can start at around […]