Dad-proof tip: Maintaining an emotional connection with your child

Fathers and father figure’s emotional connection with their child will change overtime, depending on the life stage. The goal is to work on creating an emotional connection from the start, and building on it as they grow. The way you work on your emotional connection with your toddler, will differ to your teenager, or even […]

Winter school holiday activity ideas

three children holding hands standing on grasses

The school holidays are near and you may be mentally preparing yourself for the “I’m boooored” spiel. Don’t fear, we have compiled a list of activity ideas to get you started. These are cheap and simple ideas to facilitate learning, father/child bonding and to keep the kids occupied. Given the fact it’s winter means you […]

Dad-proof tips: Starting the conversation about death and grief with children

girl petting dog

This can often be a difficult conversation for adults, let alone for children. Death is not typically something that is often spoken about, until it directly impacts you. Where possible, it’s a good idea to start the conversation with children and explain it to them in an age appropriate way so they can begin to […]

Dad-proof tips: Starting the conversation – The implications of sexting

woman holding phone

Information about sexting Technology has changed the world significantly over the last few decades, with countless benefits associated with its development. However, these benefits do not come without risks. The rise of sexting has come quickly and largely without warning. What is it? Sexting is sending sexually explicit photographs, messages, and video by phone or […]

Mens Health Week 2022: Six tips to support boys and men’s health

man in grey t-shirt and blue shorts standing on tree branch during daytime

As men, some of us may find it harder than others to talk openly about our physical or mental health concerns, wellbeing or seeking support when we need it. As a society this is something we need to work to overcome, and also teach our sons that as men, it’s normal to express our concerns; […]

Dad-proof tips: Starting the conversation about sex and relationships

two men talking

Don’t wait and then plan to have a one off ‘Sex Talk’. This builds the pressure and often makes it so awkward it never happens. So, start early and talk often as part of natural conversation. You will be glad to know that talking with your children about sex will not make them go out […]

Dad-proof tips: Talking about online safety with your child

woman sitting on bed with MacBook on lap

As dads and father figures, it’s important to start conversation with children about being safe online. Technology has changed the way we live, work, communicate and learn significantly over the last few decades. Although these developments are largely advantageous, they do not come without risks. Cyber Safety has become a major concern of parents around […]

Dad-proof tip: Reading and understanding your child’s emotional signals

boy in white and yellow crew-neck t-shirt

Learning to recognise your child’s emotional signals and signs of when your child is struggling because they are over tired, not feeling well, frustrated, scared, or overwhelmed will help you to better understanding of their needs and behaviours. Learn to understand how they are feeling and treat the root cause of your children’s stress or […]

Dad-proof tip: Teaching your child about boundaries and consent

two toddler pillow fighting

Teaching your child about boundaries and consent as a dad and father figure is key to a child’s development and how they will interact with others as they move through adulthood. Boundaries in healthy relationships are just like boundaries on a sports field or a court. It’s like setting a line that you don’t want […]