Podcast – When two worlds collide: workplace and parenting

CEO Káti Gapaillard is joined by Greg Bridge to discuss the importance of finding balance between work and being a parent, and the impact of workplaces on our own health and wellbeing, as well as our children and family’s. Greg highlights the need for workplaces to create environments that are conducive to the role of parents, […]

Podcast: Empowering your child to be their authentic self

In celebration of World Pride 2023 our CEO and host, Káti Gapillard speaks with best selling children’s book author and content creator Scott Stuart (@scottcreates). In this heartwarming episode Scott reveals his parenting style and the emphasis he places on giving his son the freedom to express himself and show up authentically in this world. […]

Podcast: Ben Bravery’s inspiring and heartfelt journey

This week we are joined by a remarkable man, Ben Bravery. He joins us to share some of his journey to-date – from his battle with cancer at the age of 28, to finding his father, and becoming a dad himself, to why he became a Doctor and the inspiration behind his new book. Originally […]

Podcast: Dr Michael Flood – A father’s role in modelling positive masculinity

In this week’s episode we are thrilled to be joined by Dr Michael Flood who is an internationally recognised researcher on men, masculinities, and violence prevention. He has made a significant contribution to scholarly and community understanding of men’s and boys’ involvements in preventing and reducing violence against women and building gender equality. In recognition […]

Podcast: Finding balance to strengthen the relationship with your partner

Side view of unrecognizable couple in warm clothes holding hands while standing on blurred background during romantic date on evening time

In this week’s podcast we discuss how we can find balance between work, family and ‘life’ to ensure we spend enough time strengthening the relationship with our partner. Raising children doesn’t mean your relationship should take a back seat. Yes, having children can change the dynamic, but ensuring you put conscious into moving with the […]

Podcast: Looking after your mental health as a new dad

baby in white and black stripe onesie lying on red and white textile

Mental health for new dads is critical. In today’s podcast discussion we will be talking all things mental health, but more specifically mental health and wellbeing for new dads. What happens during pre and post-birth, and how dads can stay on top of their mental health so they are in the best shape for their […]

Podcast: The power of your mindset with Dr Marny Lishman

We are thrilled to be joined by Dr Marny Lishman to talk all things mindset. The mind is a powerful thing, and the way we talk to it, and establish our mindset has a direct impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Marny explains how our mindset impacts different parts of our lives, including the […]

Podcast: sleeping and settling your infant

In this podcast we talk all things sleeping and settling your infant with special guest Tracey Cassels PHD. A really insightful and informative discussion. We’re grateful to have Tracy join us to provide all the advice and tips for new parents. About our guest  Tracy Cassels PHD is the Director of Evolutionary Parenting, an online […]

Podcast: The inspiration for Nick’s Great Run

Dads discussion with John Rutter from The Fathering Project and Nick Bourke talking about his ‘great run’ he is currently embarking on. Covering 600km across 60 days. Nick is now at the half way point. Running to his kids and raising money along the way to support The Fathering Project. Nick and John talk about […]

Podcast: The important role of foster carers

man holding baby's hand

It’s Foster Care Week in NSW. Joining us on our podcast is Community Father of the Year 2022 – Rick Pekan and Teigan Reilly from The Department Communities WA. Foster carers play a critical role in the community for children in need and unfortunately the ratio of foster carers to children is still significantly lacking. […]