Podcast with Madonna King: How fathers can best support their teen daughter

This podcast with Madonna King discusses raising teen girls and highlights the important role fathers play in their teen daughter’s life. Madonna provides tips on how dads can best support them through their journey to becoming young women. Madonna also speaks of the current climate parents are facing with teen girls having to grow up […]

Podcast with relationship expert John Aiken: Building healthy family bonds

Relationship expert John Aiken joins us on Friday 1 May for our ‘Who’s At The Table’ podcast to share his story, tips and insights as a relationship expert and father. Within John’s journey – from a passionate cricket player to television host and presenter, student to relationship expert – there have been plenty of experiences […]

Podcast: The impacts of pornography on young people

grayscale photo of person using MacBook

In this podcast, Maree Crabbe from It’s Time We Talked joins us to chat about an often taboo topic – children and teen’s access to pornography. In the increasing digital world in which we live, access to pornography is becoming more and more prevalent. With more children having access to online content than ever before, […]

Podcast: Dr Mark Cross and Jon Coll on fathering, co-parenting and raising boys

In this Fathering First podcast we sit down with 2021 Community Father of the Year Award Winner, Dr. Mark Cross, and his husband and partner of 20 years, Jon Coll. We talk all things fathering, what it’s like to co-parent with their two boy’s mothers, raising boys and looking towards the future. A really great […]

Fathering first podcast: Post-COVID mental health with Dr Mark Deady

a man holds his head while sitting on a sofa

The last few years have been incredibly tough for everyone, amongst COVID and natural disasters, it’s no surprise that many individual’s mental health has suffered because of it. In this podcast we sit down with Dr Mark Deady from the Black Dog Institute to discuss mental health post-COVID, what some of the research says about […]

Podcast with Aussie legend Jimmy Rees

Podcast with Jimmy Rees  Your lunch time is sorted! We’re joined by the legendary Jimmy Rees who is chatting to us about his new picture book Bedtime Sorted!, the challenges of 2020 lockdown, and how he used TikTok videos as a creative outlet, to now becoming one of the most-watched social media personalities in 2021. […]

Supporting your child’s early speech and language development

child reading book

Language, speech and communication are critical areas of development for children. In this week’s episode of Figuring it Out Together, we speak with speech pathologist, Annie Hamilton where we discuss the importance of early intervention to support children who may be experiencing challenges with their language development and social communication. Annie gives an in-depth overview of the […]

Looking after yourself while you’re taking care of others

Raising a child with additional needs or disability can put immense pressure on many aspects of your life, including a strain on your own mental health. In this week’s Figuring it Out Together podcast episode, we speak with clinical psychologist James Brown, who highlights the critical need for fathers to practise self-care and look after their […]

Finding a work life balance to prevent burn out

Work life balance and resilience. Advice and strategies from human performance researcher, author, speaker and consultant, Dr Adam Fraser. Adam explains some of his research-based strategies and how they can improve work life balance and preventing burn out, so we can be the best version of ourselves in and out of the home. He also discusses […]