Green Curried Fish For Dinner Tonight

Stuck on dinner ideas? Cameron shows us how to cook up green curried fish. Whether you’re short on time or just wanting to make your life easier, grab a packet or jar of pre-made green curry. Cameron is using Marion’s Kitchen curry mix, which comes with easy directions. Give it a go tonight! 


  • 500g white fish – firm

  • 2 carrots – Diced

  • ½ leek – finally sliced

  • 1 Marions Kitchen green curry mix

  • Rice – ½ cup per person


  1. Get rice cooking
  2. Dice fish into bite size pieces
  3. Chop up veggies
  4. Follow the 4 steps laid out on the box:
    a. Heat spice
    b. Add coconut milk and water
    c. Add dry spice
    d. Add bamboo shoots
    e. Add fish and veggies
  5. Cook until fish is done
  6. Serve up on rice



Cooking with Cameron

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