How dads can impact their child’s learning

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Dads, you have an important role to play in your child’s education. Not only have fathers been shown to have a significant impact on academic achievement, but your child’s attitude towards learning and school is also very strongly influenced by you. So, if you show and encourage a love of learning, you will be setting your child up for success throughout their lives. 

“Fathers, you might ask yourself, what are my children learning from me —about attitudes towards learning, about having-a-go and trying your best, about learning from your mistakes, about working with and respecting others. What do they see and hear from me every day? 

Top tips  

  • Be actively interested in what your child is doing at school. Ask them about their day at school “What was the best thing about school today?” or “What was your favourite part of school today?” Ask your child “What did you learn at school today?”. Ask their thoughts and opinions about new topics they are learning about. 
  • Be positive about school. Even if you have some not so positive memories of school or learning yourself, allow your child to create their own experiences of school. Speak positively about going to school and learning.
  • Talk about learning. Talk about your experiences of learning new things and how it has helped you in your work and life. Try learning something new together – build something, learn about something new about the world online, play general knowledge games and quizzes with the family.
  • Make contact with their teachers. Children notice when their dad actively communicates with their teacher/s. This makes them feel that you are really interested in and connected to.
  • Praise their efforts. Encouragement from dad goes a long way. Tell them how proud you are when they try hard and have a positive attitude to learning. You could reward by doing something together they enjoy.  
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