How to help your child deal with anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson

Webinar: How to help your child deal with anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson

During COVID, anxiety is presenting more challenges for parents and children than ever before. Developing an understanding of anxiety, how to recognise it and seeking help when necessary is essential to helping your child cope through anxious moments.

Join Dr Jodi Richardson for this webinar to gain valuable knowledge, insights and strategies to support your child, and become more confident in responding in anxious moments.

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About our speaker Dr Jodi Richardson

Co-author of bestselling book ‘Anxious Kids’, Dr Jodi Richardson is a mental health and wellbeing author, speaker, educator and mum of two. She’s dedicated to helping parents and teachers understand anxiety in their children and students, how it makes them feel (and why), and how to respond in ways that empower anxious kids with the insights and skills they need to thrive.

If you are interested in Dr Jodi Richardson’s book Anxious Kids, please follow this link.

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