How to keep your kids safe online and understanding the modern playground

Webinar: How to keep your kids safe online and understanding “The Modern Playground”

It seems every year our kids are getting online at a younger age. The online world keeps getting faster and faster, and many parents can easily feel lost or simply fall behind.

This webinar presented by Paul Litherland will go a long way in helping close that gap. Covering the apps kids are using and the games they are playing, to the scams, grooming and risks they are being exposed to, this webinar is something every parent should see.

This webinar was recorded on Thursday 20 August.

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About our speaker Paul Litherland

For over a decade, as a former technology crime police officer and now under the banner of Surf Online Safe, Paul has dedicated himself to educating children, parents and teachers on the subject of Internet Awareness.

As a parent himself, Paul adds that extra insight to his presentations as he is more that aware of the fear and apprehension parents have regarding the internet and the dangers that are out there.
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