International COVID–19 update with Dr Bruce Robinson

Dr Bruce Robinson, founder of The Fathering Project, is one of Australia’s leading lung specialists and a frontline COVID-19 healthcare worker.

He has continued to share regular updates on COVID-19 with the Fathering Project on our progress here in Australia.

This month, we are pleased to share a special international update by Dr Bruce Robinson in this special interview with a frontline healthcare specialist in New York – Dr Dan Sterman, Chief Pulmonary Physician at the New York University Hospital.

Watch Interview (14 mins)
The Fathering Project wishes all those who have been affected by COVID-19 a speed recovery and for those who have lost loved ones our thoughts are with you all at this challenging and unique time.

Please take care and stay safe.

COVID-19 Updates with Dr Bruce Robinson on The Fathering Channel
Speaking as Fathering Project founder, medical professional, lung specialist and frontline COVID-19 healthcare worker, Dr Bruce Robinson shares regular updates with the Fathering Project community.
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