John Aiken Relationship Tip #1 – The Little Things

Relationship expert and father of two John Aiken gives some advice on maintaining a positive family environment. Listen as he talks through how focusing on ‘the little things’ can shake up your relationship to create overall change in the dynamic between you and your parenting partner.

What is a ‘ritual of connection’?

John recommends a regular habit of creating space and time to connect. For John and his wife, they share 15 minutes over a coffee every morning, and John says this time is “vital”.

“It’s saying, ‘Regardless how busy our lives get, we’ve got 15 minutes for each other that we can rely on to connect’.”

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Each week relationship expert John Aiken will share a new tip on how to build the family foundations for dads and mums to support healthy strong family bonds. Tips for dads that are easy to follow and that John says he stands by in his life. John will also be a guest on our webinar series and celebrity podcast night coming soon.

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