John Aiken Relationship Tip #5 – Catch them when they are good

This week’s relationship tip is all about communicating well in the good times, not just in the bad.

When we seriously talk with our partner it’s often in times of stress, frustration or high emotion.

This week, John reminds us that it’s important to talk about the nice moments too.

Especially during COVID-19, things can be tense.

Foster closeness by not just noticing the nice things in your own mind, but also by telling your partner – writing it, saying it, singing it.

“The more we nourish the relationship, the more it grows.” – John Aiken.

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As a relationship expert on The Fathering Channel, John is sharing his strategies and easy tips to help dads improve their relationship with their partners during these difficult times. @johnaikenlive


Relationship Tips with John Aiken
Each week relationship expert John Aiken will share a new tip on how to build the family foundations for dads and mums to support healthy strong family bonds. Tips for dads that are easy to follow and that John says he stands by in his life.
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