Kids should learn that adventuring can be fun, rewarding and safe

Raising Adventurous Kids – Weekend Tips

Being adventurous in childhood, and adulthood, helps us continue learning and growing. It’s important for children to learn that adventuring can be fun, rewarding and safe.

A few tips to encourage adventure for your children:

  • Encourage this by setting an example to your children: try new things, learn new skills and visit new places.
  • Teach your kids how to identify and manage risks, so they learn how to confidently challenge themselves.
  • Kids and toddlers are often tougher than you think – so don’t leave it too long to start taking children camping and on other outdoor adventures like walks and exploring trips.
  • Model confidence to your children by showing interest in the world around you, there’s always more to learn, so explore with them.
  • Try visiting a place near home that you’ve never been to – a local park, beach, wildlife reserve, playground – even a cafe, library or other indoor spaces can be made into an adventure!
  • Another way to adventure is trying something you’ve never done before! Half of the fun can be brainstorming this with your children.
  • Try downloading this ‘connect with nature’ activity.

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