Podcast with Madonna King: How fathers can best support their teen daughter

This podcast with Madonna King discusses raising teen girls and highlights the important role fathers play in their teen daughter’s life. Madonna provides tips on how dads can best support them through their journey to becoming young women.

Madonna also speaks of the current climate parents are facing with teen girls having to grow up faster than ever before and what they need to know.

Raising teen girls can be a tricky road to navigate for dads. Tune in now to hear tips and tricks from Madonna as well as hear about her new book L Platers.

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About our Guest Madonna King 

Madonna has built expertise on the issues confronting teenage girls, based on the research from her best-selling books, Being 14, Fathers and Daughters and Ten-ager, and her recently released booked, L-platers. Her knowledge is sought by governments and corporations wanting to better understand this influential, but vulnerable, part of the population.

A fellow of the prestigious World Press Institute, she serves on a university-related board, and previously served as a visiting fellow at the Queensland University of Technology and on the Walkley Advisory Board. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and two teenage daughters.

Visit Madonna’s website to learn more. 

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