Maggie Dent joins us to talk about raising boys to men

Podcast with Maggie Dent on raising boys to men

Our very special podcast guest Maggie Dent is an author, educator and former counsellor best known for her practical common-sense guidance in raising children.

Maggie shares her learnings both as an educator and mother of boys on the special developmental years of transition through from teenagers to men. Maggie discusses how we as parents can best understand and assist them. This is the subject of her latest book, From Boys to Men: Guiding our teen boys to grow into happy, healthy men, published by Pan Macmillan and in stores this week.

This podcast was released on Friday 28 August.

About Maggie Dent

Maggie is a passionate, positive voice for children of all ages. She is the author of seven major books, including her bestselling 2018 release Mothering Our Boys, several e-books and is a prolific creator of resources for parents, adolescents, teachers, educators and others who are interested in quietly improving their lives and those of the children they engage with.

Maggie is host of the ABC Parental as Anything podcast and above all, she is the proud mother of four wonderful sons, and an enthusiastic and grateful grandmother based on the South Coast of NSW.

From Boys to Men: Guiding our teen boys to grow into happy, healthy men can be purchased from or your favourite bookseller.

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