Making the most of the time with your kids over the festive season

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The festive season and school holidays present the perfect opportunity for fathers to spend some quality time with their children. Children are completely free from school commitments, the weather is great, and everyone is in the festive spirit. Try to get some one-on-one time with your children to bond and have some fun.

If possible, take some leave from work to spend as much quality, care-free time with your children as you can.  Take them on a holiday to somewhere you haven’t been before or a family favourite, or just take the time to take them on day trips or to engage in fun and active activities.

Make sure you ask your children what they want to do. The school holidays are a great time to do something that they have been wanting to do for a while, or work on a long-term goal of theirs with them.

School holidays are also a fantastic time to build some meaningful memories with your children. Make the most of this time to build the bond you have with your child. Studies have shown that the most impactful times spent with their fathers, were when children felt they had their dad’s undivided attention, without interruption. This can be anything from notable events, to simply walking the dog or kicking the footy. Take the time to listen to what they say. Understand what they think and feel about certain things. These experiences will help you significantly in the long run.

Top tips for making the most of school holiday time –

  1. Create a bucket list. List things that you and your children want to do before the holidays are over.
  1. Playing with Dad is important. Children who play with their fathers are more confident and better at coping with challenges, setbacks or problems. Playing with you can help your kids to cope with the challenges we are all facing now.
  1. Take some leave. Take leave to give you even more time to spend with your children these holidays. Take them for a trip or just make the most of the extra time at home with them.
  2. Try new things with your kids. Whilst spending time with them, encourage your kids to try out some new activities. This may be a new sport or hobby. New things encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and get accustomed to healthy risk taking.
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