Managing children’s technology, screen and gaming time

Podcast with the ‘Unplugged Psychologist’ Brad Marshall

We sit down with the ‘Unplugged Psychologist’ Brad Marshall and chat about parenting in the age of technology. With internet and gaming addiction becoming concerning issues, as parents, we want to ensure we provide our children enough freedom to enjoy their screen time, without letting it go too far. 

If you’re struggling to monitor your child’s screen time, wanting to know more about excessive screen time and it’s impact on child brain development or worried your child might be addicted to gaming or the internet, this podcast is for you. 

An interesting and engaging chat which answers a lot of pressing questions parents have around the digital space and gaming. 

This podcast covers: 

  • Strategies to manage screen time 
  • Why gaming and the internet is so addictive to children
  • The effects of excessive screen time on brain development
  • Boys and gaming
  • Problem signs

About our guest Brad Marshall

Brad is a child psychologist, otherwise known as the ‘Unplugged Psychologist’ and the director of the Internet Addiction Clinic at Kidspace where he’s helped hundreds of families struggling with internet, screen and gaming addiction.

Born and raised in Australia he’s been working with children, adolescents and families since 2006, and in a variety of different hospitals as part of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service for many years. Brad is an accomplished and well-respected presenter and invited guest speaker, providing professional development to teachers and health professionals, and running seminars for parents, school students and teachers.

He’s also the author of the Tech Diet for Your Child and Teen providing real-life strategies that any parent can implement to create a healthy balance and put our kids’ development first.

To learn more about Brad’s work, access his blogs and video series, visit his website.

For our valued listeners, we also have a 30% off discount code when you purchase Brad’s new parent tutorial video series. Code is ‘TFP’.

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