Managing your child’s back to school anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson

Anxiety is something we as adults are all too familiar with. There will also be times where your child too, feels anxious. Anxiety can especially be prevalent as children head back to school, whether it be the first day of primary or high school, or even just starting a new school year can trigger feelings of uncertainty and nervousness.

Supporting your child and validating their emotions around their feelings of anxiety will help them to feel more secure and know that they are not alone.

We are thrilled to be joined by Dr Jodi Richardson in our Figuring it out Together podcast on the Fathering Channel. She helps us explore anxiety through childhood and adolescence and provides us with her invaluable insights and strategies.

About our speaker Dr Jodi Richardson

Co-author of bestselling book ‘Anxious Kids’, Dr Jodi Richardson is a mental health and wellbeing author, speaker, educator and mum of two. She’s dedicated to helping parents and teachers understand anxiety in their children and students, how it makes them feel (and why), and how to respond in ways that empower anxious kids with the insights and skills they need to thrive.

In her latest book, Anxious Mums, Dr Jodi Richardson shares her own experiences of anxiety, depression, and post-natal depression, alongside the latest science-backed strategies for managing and minimising anxiety. Sealed with her trademark stamp of realism and hope, this book is a valuable resource for women at any stage of their motherhood journey.

If you are interested in Dr Jodi Richardson’s book Anxious Mums, please follow this link.

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