Motivational Speaker of the Year 2020 Jonny Shannon on how to bully-proof your child

Jonny Shannon on our ‘At The Table’ podcast

Jonny is an international motivational speaker and tech entrepreneur based in Sydney.

Jonny was awarded Australian Motivational Speaker of the Year 2020 and has given over 3,000 talks on key topics including bullying to schools and parents across Australia.

As a student he was bullied to the point of getting into fights and eventually being expelled. He thought that was the end of schooling for him- however, a different school accepted him on the condition that he saw the school counselor weekly.

The counselor worked with him on understanding his weak points and building them up to become resilient, to change his internal dialogue about being a victim, and to own his life. The difference for Jonny was life changing.

Jonny has taken his success, and resources to dedicate his life to full-time youth work and sharing his own story.

To learn more about Jonny’s work visit his website.

This podcast was recorded on Friday 14 July.


Additional resources from Jonny:

About Jonny Shannon

Once leaving school, Jonny spent time in the NZ Army, started four companies, one of which went to be worth over $1 Billion. Jonny invested his resources into doing youth work full-time.

Since 2009 Jonny has become a government eSafety Provider, qualified youth worker, and has spoken over 3,000 times and awarded Australian Motivational Speaker. His presentations are real, funny, and engaging – you’ll see why he has become Australian’s most requested speaker.

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