Nature play week: Seven nature activity ideas for kids

child playing with dried leaves

Nature Play week runs from April 6th – April 16th and encourages children to get outside and make use of our natural world for their play.

After the last few years of lockdowns, and inevitably more screen time, it’s never been more important to get your children outside in nature.

The natural environment is a place to explore, play, imagine and relax. Whether it’s a camping trip, a trip to the beach or relaxing at home, nature is everywhere and anyone can get involved.

Technology has its benefits, but it has prevented many children from going outside and playing as much as they should. Being in nature has significant positive impacts to social and emotional wellbeing and overall happiness.

There’s lots of nature-based events on in the next week, check them out here at Nature Play Week.Org

Seven activities to try at home

  • Go on a bug hunt. Get your magnifying glass out, go out for a walk and see how many different bugs you can find.
  • Play in the mud. Yes, we know, this one’s a messy one – but the kids will love it. Get dirty on a rainy day, or just after one. Go out to the local park and get messy! There is research that also finds playing in the mud has many significant benefits to a child’s development and wellbeing.
  • Make daisy chain jewellery. Collect daisys and make necklaces, bracelets or a garland for your hair.
  • Look up at the clouds. Lay out on the grass  and see how many different images you can see.
  • Camp out in the backyard. This speaks for itself. Whip out the tent, set it up in the backyard and have a night out under the stars. Tell stories and share a camp style meal.
  • Press flowers. Take a walk with your child and collect any flowers you find. Take them back home, place them in the middle of a book and wait. Come back to the dried flowers and use them in your craft.
  • Play and explore in the autumn leaves. The best part about autumn is the colourful leaves that drop. Google your local hot spots to check out the autumn leaves.

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