Podcast: Ben Bravery’s inspiring and heartfelt journey

This week we are joined by a remarkable man, Ben Bravery.
He joins us to share some of his journey to-date – from his battle with cancer at the age of 28, to finding his father, and becoming a dad himself, to why he became a Doctor and the inspiration behind his new book.

Originally a zoologist and science communicator, Ben became a doctor in 2018 and is now undertaking speciality training in psychiatry. Ben volunteers, advocates, writes and speaks about colorectal cancer, living with cancer, cancer in young adults, medicine and medical education, and is committed to advocating for change in Australia’s healthcare system.

We are grateful for Ben lending his time to share his story. Genuine and down to earth, he highlights the fragility of life and the importance of making the most of every day.

Learn more about Ben and his story by grabbing a copy of The Patient Doctor.

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