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AFL Carlton coach David Teague talks about being an actively engaged father

AFL Carlton coach David Teague talks about being an actively engaged father
Published: Fri 13 Nov 2020

David Teague on our At The Table podcast

How do dads juggle their career, family and life in general? AFL coach David Teague shares insights into his life, love of footy and family.

This podcast was recorded on Friday 13 November.



The theme this month is on being an actively engaged dad, what it means to different dads and why it is beneficial for fathers and children to do things together like backyard sport, walking the dog, playing games, cooking in the kitchen together, or just doing active things that allow for conversation, shared stories and time together.

David a former professional Australian rules footballer, has been awarded the John Nicholls Medal and the Robert Rose Award, but he claims his greatest achievement is his family – being a father to his children.

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