Podcast: Dr Laurie steed on fatherhood and overcoming challenges

In this episode, we chat with Dr Laurie Steed and delve into his latest book, Love Dad: Confessions of an Anxious Father. Our discussion revolves around the experience of fatherhood, the influence of our upbringing on our parenting styles, and strategies to overcome challenges in order to be the best support for our children.

A podcast not to miss where Laurie’s dedication to fatherhood and deep affection for his kids shines through. He candidly discusses his challenges, encouraging dads to understand that perfection isn’t the goal – we’re all doing our best whilst never letting it hinder our love for our children.

About our guest

Laurie is an award-winning author from Perth. He writes about parenting, families, and masculinity to encourage more significant societal discussion about empathy, authenticity, and shared vulnerability. His latest book, Love, Dad: Confessions of an Anxious Father, charts his journey as a reforming perfectionist and explores how embracing life’s necessary imperfections helped him back to being a caring, present father to his two young boys.

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