Podcast: Finding balance to strengthen the relationship with your partner

Side view of unrecognizable couple in warm clothes holding hands while standing on blurred background during romantic date on evening time

In this week’s podcast we discuss how we can find balance between work, family and ‘life’ to ensure we spend enough time strengthening the relationship with our partner.

Raising children doesn’t mean your relationship should take a back seat. Yes, having children can change the dynamic, but ensuring you put conscious into moving with the ebbs and flows of your relationship and adjust your actions and behaviour accordingly will help to foster the relationship.

We speak with Derek Ebbs relationship psychotherapist. He specialises in the Attachment bond between parent and child and the implications for adult relationships – the attachment bond between couples.

We discuss with Derek all things relationships and finding balance between raising kids, work and family life, and how to strengthen the connection with your partner.

He has helped many couples and parents (and hence children) move from a disorganised unsatisfying relationship to a more stable, secure, thriving and safe environment.

Derek also facilitates the Dads Group at Gidget Village, supporting men who struggle to express their feelings in their intimate relationships.

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