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Parenting strategies to deal with bullying affecting your children

Parenting strategies to deal with bullying affecting your children
Published: Wed 05 Aug 2020

Podcast on bullying with Dr Karyn Healy

Bullying is a subject that can be uncomfortable to manage. It is necessary to be informed, and equipped with the right tools as a parent to deal with your child’s experiences – either as a victim, bystander, or perpetrator.

This podcast was recorded on Friday 7 July.


This month The Fathering Project is producing a special series on bullying and cyber bullying. The series will help parents, father-figures and educators better understand strategies to help prevent bullying, or to take action if it occurs with their child.

No child is immune to bullying. We have the power through knowledge to help reduce bullying and empower our children to make good decisions.

About Dr Karyn Healy

Dr Karyn Healy is a registered psychologist with expertise in addressing bullying and conflict. She has extensive practical experience working with schools, parents, and children to prevent and address bullying, and resolve conflict. Karyn has a Masters of Organisational Psychology, specialising in change management, process consultancy, training and facilitation, and conflict management.

Karyn’s PhD investigated intervening with families of children bullied by peers at school, which is a promising new approach to complement school anti-bullying programs. She is the author of several widely read pieces in ‘The Conversation’ about school bullying. She was a featured presenter at the National Centre Against Bullying Conference in Melbourne in 2016.

In 2018, she was engaged by Australia’s Safe and Supportive School Communities committee to develop a professional development resource for staff on how to manage parental reports of bullying; this has now been made available to all Australian schools. Karyn is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Child and Family Studies and a member of the Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Committee.

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