Podcast: Looking after your mental health as a new dad

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Mental health for new dads is critical. In today’s podcast discussion we will be talking all things mental health, but more specifically mental health and wellbeing for new dads. What happens during pre and post-birth, and how dads can stay on top of their mental health so they are in the best shape for their partner and child.

Becoming a new dad is an exciting but often daunting experience. Mental health challenges can arise and during this time it’s key to stay on top of how you are feeling and seek support if you continue to feel out of sorts.

About your guest 

James is a registered Clinical Psychologist and has been working with families for over 15 years. He has a particular interest in assisting men relating to their psychological health and well-being.

In addition to his clinical work, James is also a consultant with the Australian Psychological Society. We are also very lucky to have James as a member of our board here at The Fathering Project.

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