WA-based Minister Tony Buti shares his experiences of raising a child with cri du chat syndrome

This week, we are joined by special guest, The Hon. Dr Tony Buti MLA, West Australian Minister for Finance, Lands, Sport and Recreation, Citizenship and Multicultural Interests.

Minister Buti opens up about his fathering journey of raising three children, and how it’s shaped him into the father he’s become today. He discusses his family’s journey to-date, being an advocate for his daughter who has cri du chat syndrome, and delves into some detail about his new book ‘Alkira’; a story of his daughter’s struggle to reach developmental milestones and ‘fit in’.

An inspiring discussion with Minister Buti which highlights his dedication and commitment as a father, as well as the joys and challenges that come with raising a child with additional needs. Minister Buti also highlights the social treatments and attitudes towards people with a disability that still exist in society, and how we must move towards a more inclusive society for all.

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