Podcast: Your newborn and their sleep

Sleep is key! Becoming a new dad can be daunting and getting your newborn to sleep and settle can be a source of anxiety.

Don’t fear. In this podcast Donna Moala certified Sleep Sense Consultant provides us with many key tips and tricks you need to know.

Having a newborn is an exciting time. Take each day as it comes. You’ve got this!

About our Guest

Donna Moala is founder of Bub2sleep, she is a certified Sleep Sense Consultant and mum of three. After becoming a mother, Donna became passionate about creating healthy sleep foundations for her own family and wanted to share it with other families on their journey to better sleep!  Never using any form of “Cry It Out”, nurturing and responsive.

Donna has supported thousands of parents around the globe to regain their confidence and implement her solutions to resolve their own unique sleep challenges with long lasting success and be able to enjoy the miracle of sleep.

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