Podcast: Sean Szeps on fatherhood and family

In this episode, The Fathering Project’s CEO Káti Gapaillard is joined by author and content creator, Sean Szeps.

They talk about the inspiration behind his new book Not Like Other Dads, fatherhood, family and breaking down gender stereotypes when it comes to parenting.

About our Guest 

Sean Szeps is an award-winning podcast host, presenter, content creator and author.

His hilarious Instagram videos about his love-hate relationship with parenting often go viral, garnering millions of views!

He can currently be heard as the host of LISTNR’s Come Out Wherever You Are podcast, Radio Today’s 2022 Australian Podcast of the Year. Sean lives in Sydney with his husband and their boy-girl twins, Stella and Cooper.

Grab a copy of his book today!

Check out his insta here.

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