Podcast with Daisy Turnbull on teaching your children about consent

This week on our podcast we welcome back Daisy Turnbull, Director of wellbeing at St Catherines School Sydney, teacher, Lifeline crisis support volunteer, and author of the newly published book 50 Risks to Take with Your Kids. 

We speak with Daisy about a sensitive and top of mind issue; consent, and the importance that children of all ages understand what it means by educating them in an age appropriate way. 

Daisy highlights the critical role you play as a parent, father and father-figure to your sons and daughters in modelling and educating them about respect, boundaries and the importance of having empathy.

An incredibly insightful discussion which not only explains how to approach and educate children about consent, but also shines a light on the issue around unconscious gender bias and stereotypes, and its impact on society. 

Daisy’s new book 50 Risks to Take With Your Kids is also a great tool and guide for parents and carers to nurture resilience and independence in kids as they learn to take their own risks. We recommend you check it out here. 

If you or someone you know needs help, support or advice, there are many services available. 

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Kids Help Line
1800 55 1800
Reach Out
Relationships Australia
1300 364 277

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