Podcast with Olympic gold medallist swimmer Duncan Armstrong

Podcast: Father and Olympic gold medallist Duncan Armstrong
Duration: ~50 minutes

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About Duncan Armstrong

Duncan Armstrong is an Olympic Gold Medallist, media commentator and corporate speaker. He’s been Young Australian of the Year, has received an Order of Australia Medal and has successfully inspired countless others to achieve their highest corporate and personal goals.

Part underdog, part larrikin, part businessman – there’s something about Duncan that appeals to almost everybody. Whether he’s commentating, speaking at an intimate stakeholder’s luncheon, or for a company wide function, his presentations are unforgettable.

Raised in the Central Queensland town of Rockhampton, Duncan Armstrong rose to national and international fame at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, when he broke the world record to win the Gold medal in the 200 metres freestyle.

Duncan formed a winning relationship with madcap coach Laurie Lawrence which spanned 10 years in the Green & Gold.

Since retiring from the pool Duncan has enjoyed careers in television and radio, corporate coaching, charity fundraising and currently works for long term partner Telstra.

Duncan is a proud father of five children.


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